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Our dedicated advertisement team are capable of showcasing your business to millions of our inquisitive readers, open-minded and active worldwide. We have the power to transform your business. A trial will convince you.

Give us a call today or send us an email.

We will respond to you within the shortest time possible.

Articles may be either a short feature of up to 600 words, suitable for publication in the culture, food and drink, design, technology, style, dispatches or travel as stated in our terms and condition, or an original infographic with 200 words of analysis suitable for our “What the numbers say” slot. Please clearly indicate which section your article would be published in.


Email: info@nigeriagotnews.com


Call Us:
Our UK  Number:  (+44) 753- 501- 5809


Our Nigeria Number:   (+234) 818- 214- 2068

Terms and Conditions
All orders are accepted subject to our terms and conditions including the following conditions under which you ask us to provide advertising.
Payment is required before publication or delivery of services unless credit facilities have been agreed in advance and in writing. Nigeria Got News will charge 8% interest on overdue accounts plus any costs incurred in securing payment. We will notify you of these charges in advance. Where applicable, VAT will be added at the prevailing rate – currently 20%.
Nigeria Got News does not accept liability for any loss incurred by error or omission of any advertisement. If advertising copy does not reach Nigeria Got News by the deadline, the advertiser remains liable for the full cost of the advertisement and Nigeria Got News reserves the right to fill the space as it sees fit. Cancellation is not offered for any confirmed booking. Nigeria Got News, entirely at its discretion, will endeavour to meet changes in requirements requested at least 15 working days in advance of the earlier of the advert being published or sent to print.
Nigeria Got News will not publish any advertisement which we consider may be in breach of the law or is otherwise defamatory or libellous. The advertiser shall indemnify Nigeria Got News in respect of any costs and expenses arising out of any claim resulting from the advertisement.
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